"If you liked Bowling for Columbine, you may or may not like Who is Jim Holt!"
-- Theatre Times, Jan. 2003

Who is Jim Holt?
the latest musical play by Rhys Southan & j. Nathan Weisenthal

Note: This musical was last performed in 2003 and there are no plans to put it on again. We keep the website here for historical purposes.

Who is Jim Holt? The world's greatest philosophers have debated the answer to that question for centuries. But at last the real truth will be revealed...

When lesbian separatists try to blow up the Federal Center for National Childcare Policy, office worker Jim Holt shoots them and becomes an instant hero. But the situation changes quickly: an elementary school student trying to imitate Jim Holt accidentally kills his schoolmate, and Holt himself is arrested and made to stand trial for not having a permit for the gun he used to kill the terrorists. Throw in an aggressive celebrity lawyer, crazed gun nuts, crazed anti-gun nuts, an anti-Ecstacy activist, and an old man who pees all over himself, and you have all the ingredients for a good omelet.

Is Jim Holt a man or a parasite? A hero or a fraud? A murderer or a messiah? Find out by watching the bold new musical play about the life and philosophy of this enigmatic man.... and all of us.


"This production simply reeks of quality."
-- Austin Thespian

"What surprised me was that there was some real talent involved."
-- Cadbury's mom

Real-Life Jim Holts. This play has nothing to do with:

Life imitates art?

Who is Jim Holt? debuted in May 2002 to four sold-out shows in three days at The Hideout in Austin, Texas, followed by a wildly successful four-show run in Jan/Feb 2003 at The Blue Theatre as part of Frontera Fest. There are currently no plans to put the show on again, but we keep the website here for historical purposes.

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