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Forrest Wilder Spoonsey, Andrew

Forrest Wilder was born in Dystopia -- Yorktown, Texas -- a one-horse town with two stoplights. Sign visible upon entering town: "Heart of Future State Prison Expansion". Forrest spent his formative years whittling on sticks, fishing for gar, and burning brush. He joined his parents in their travels around Texas, bringing fine porcelain stoneware to Texans from Canton to Kerrville, Midland to Beaumont. Forrest's father bought him his first gun he was twelve. Forrest shot his first mockingbird when he was twelve. His other crimes include picking bluebonnets, poisoning pecan trees, talking back to authority, and speaking polemically.
Forrest's political history can be summarized as follows (in rough chronological order): Republican, Democrat, Libertarian, Ayn Rand-ite apolitical, scientific elitist, socialist, primitivist, eco-anarchist, Green, progressive populist, reactionary, authoritarian, and good ol' American subversive. He now hopes that Ralph Nader will defect to Texas and bid for an appointment to the UT Board of Regents. You can find Forrest's political screeds blemishing the pages of The Daily Texan.

Forrest would like to officially express his ambivalence towards gun control. He loathes the
NRA, but equally dislikes the ATF, FBI, and the U.S. military-industrial complex. He thinks it's rather pointless to have armed civilians who 1) hate the government simply because of the tax system, and 2) own .38s in order to protect themselves from the federal government, which has a $350 billion dollar defense budget. Forrest thinks it's silly to pit rifles and pistols against a professional army, marines, navy, air force, and coast guard with the most advanced technology in the world.
Art is the reflection of our collective epistemological courage. Forrest's earliest artistic endeavors include managing and directing the affairs of 10-20 red ant, fire ant, and sugar ant colonies. (Note: In a battle between scorpions and red ants, the red ants invariably win. There is no such thing as a Pyrrhic victory for ants.) Forrest has set mannequins on fire as an act of deconstruction against the artistic Establishment. He has created a veritable archipelago of web sites that have, at various junctures, been mistakenly attacked by the Anti-Defamation League, fairly condemned by the Christian Right, and justifiably admired by millions. High school theatre provided Forrest with the opportunity to study primadonnas in a welcoming anthropological atmosphere. His starring role was as the Turkish Knight in a brilliantly-written children's play by some hack in Indiana. His singing credentials are tarnished by imitations of Lou Reed, David Bowie, Belle and Sebastian, and countless Brit-rockers. His most famous self-penned ditty is entitled "The Sloppy Solipsist in D-minor (Andante)", and is most notable for its admirable lack of pretense. Most recently, Forrest played an anarcho-Green in the inspired Activist Monologues, a short mockumentary about campus activism.
Forrest would like to thank Contumacy, Scott Peitzer, Larry Faulkner, Plan II students, Knighthood of Buh!, the Board of Regents, Diesel Jeans, Alan Jackson, the IMF and World Bank, Fox News, and the APD for making his life meaningful.
Forrest would also like to thank Campus Coalition for Peace and Justice, University Anarcho-Greens, UT-Watch, Monkeywrench Books, the Depew Crew, Royal Co-op, Kerbey Lane Cafe, H-E-B, Mumia, Noam Chomsky, Naomi Klein, Ghandi, SDS, Fred Hampton, Weather Underground, Woody Guthrie, Emma Goldman, black bloc, Fugazi, the Coup, NOWAR Collective, indymedia.org, Texas Observer, Mother Jones, Metro Espresso Bar, Wimberley Senior Citizen Thrift Store, Tom Hayden, Radiohead, D.A. Pennebaker, Michael Moore, Dostoevsky, Nietzsche, Camus, Revolutionary Association of Women of Afghanistan, and RhysandJoe.
Forrest would like to thank: his parents.
In 3 months time look for the revolutionary new website: utwatch.org

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