Who is Jim Holt?
the latest musical play by Rhys Southan & j. Nathan Weisenthal
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j. Nathan Weisenthal

Co-Writer, Co-Director, Caprillian Bolf

The erstwhile Joseph Weisenthal has been writing music since he was very young. At the age of six he wrote a song, to the tune of a Kit-Kat commercial jingle, about shoes, which included the lyric "I've got new shoes. They are lace. They keep me in stride with the human race". Clearly he was already honing his now legendary ironic-hipster-pop sensibility. j. Nathan's first big hit was with his high-school rockabilly band The Force Kings, entitled "Pride & Liberty"-- a right-wing anthem if ever there ever was one. Today he stands by every intolerant word in that lamentable song, whereas at the time he meant it to be a satire. Since the disolution of The Force Kings (college!), j. Nathan has continued to write many unmemorable songs about such topics as Sanskrit Girls, Mad Cow Disease, The Moon, and The Free-Market in Healthcare. While j. Nathan enjoyed writing these innocent ditties, the events of September 11th, and the ensuing star-studded tribute concerts, inspired and demanded his creativity. The songs in Who is Jim Holt? are the musical manifestation of the human condition in modern america. (more)
j. Nathan would like to take this space to apologize for being hyper-competitive, confrontational, and arrogant. However he would not like to apologize for his uncompromising conserative views, which when argued by him, easily decimate those espoused by bleeding-heart, drug-addled, hand-drum-drumming, fire-spinning, emo-listening, puma-wearing, ethno-pimping leftists.
j. Nathan also thanks (in order in which they came into his life) the following friends and family (most of whom are liberals), for without even one of them, life would be much harder, if not unlivable: Leonard, Debra, Mira, Prentiss (a classical liberal), Rob, Marco, Macklen, Colin, Kathryn, Gabe, Luigi, Rhys (another classical liberal), Christa, Emily, Lily, Erica, Nicky, and Corrine. He's probably left some people out, and if so, they should come up to him after the show so that he can print up a special edition program with their name in it, so that one day when it is a collectors item they can show it to their friends.
Lastly, j. Nathan is leaving Austin after this performance with no intention to return. So the musical is sort of like a goodbye gift to the city about which he has mixed feelings. However, he has no mixed feeling about his few friends here. They are lovely, and he will miss them every day.

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