Who is Jim Holt?
the latest musical play by Rhys Southan & j. Nathan Weisenthal
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Here's an email from a real-life Jim Holt (not the subject of our play).

Thank you for your response, which was supererogatory both in its detail and its liveliness. A self-undercutting libertarian musical would appear to be an unprecedented cultural creation. I congratulate you on its no doubt richly deserved success. As for my identity, I am a low-voltage journalist who splits his time between New York and Paris. I write mainly about philosophical and scientific subjects, occasionally also producing what could charitably be described as "humor." I contribute fairly regularly to The New Yorker, The New York Times Book Review, The New York Times Magazine, Slate, The New York Review of Books, The American Scholar, etc. For about ten years I did a weekly radio spot on BBC Wales called "Living in America, with Jim Holt." I used to appear on TV now and then--William Buckley's "Firing Line," NBC News with Brokaw, CNN--but I write about such esoteric subjects that I am rarely asked anymore. For one year (1997) I was the editor of a venerable and pinkoid political magazine called The New Leader. And I have a book forthcoming on the history of the idea of the infinitesimal, "Worlds Within Worlds." I knew Andy Warhol fairly well. I have a girlfriend in Paris and a miniature dachshund named Renzo. That is undoubtedly more than you wished to know.
Here's a short bio along with links to a couple of articles.

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